4 European dishes that you have to try once

Europe is one of the most diverse continents in the world and offers some of the coolest, quirkiest, and most cultured countries that this planet has to offer. Although we can’t imagine anything better than packing our bags and checking out some of the major attractions in the likes of Paris, Barcelona, London, Helsinki, and more, we have to say that the food is also pretty exciting. Because Europe is so diverse, the food is even more so. So, if you’re gearing up for a European getaway, make sure that you try these incredible dishes.

Cheese fondue – Switzerland

Who could say no to a whole bowl of melted cheese? There’s no doubt about the fact that Switzerland is one of the most incredible destinations in the world, but their food is second to none. Traditional Swiss fondue is rich and tasty, as Gruyere and Emmental cheese is mixed with a few glugs of kirsch and wine to add a little something extra. All you need to do is grab your fondue food, stick it in some traditional Weizenbrot bread, and then dunk away.

4 European dishes that you have to try

Currywurst – Germany

Although Currywurst may not seem like the kind of gourmet food you’d expect from Germany, it’s something that Germans and tourists alike just can’t get enough of. This dish is considered more fast food than anything else, and can be found almost everywhere you go in the country. It consists of a fried Bratwurst sausage that’s covered in curry ketchup. It can either be served on its own in a bun, or it can be served on a dish with fries. It’s too delicious to turn down.

Moussaka – Greece

Greece should be on your bucket list for many reasons, but perhaps the main reason should be because it’s the home of the Moussaka. This layered dish is similar to an Italian lasagne but is layered with Mediterranean vegetables instead. It can be meaty or vegetarian, but it’s always delicious as it’s topped it a tomato or creamy sauce, covered in cheese, and then baked in the oven, so it’s a whole load of gooey goodness. You’ll definitely want seconds of this one. We can promise you that.

4 European dishes that you have to try

Fish & Chips – England

If you ever find yourself traveling across the pond and setting up shop in England, you just have to try Fish & Chips. Of course, these aren’t the chips that we know. This dish features battered fish, alongside chunky fries that are slathered in salt and vinegar. If you want a true taste of the United Kingdom, you might even want to add some mushy peas, baked beans, and some curry sauce into the mix. It may sound a little strange, but the British swear by it.

There’s a high chance that you’ve always wanted to go to Europe for the sights and the impressive countries that this continent has to offer. However, the food in these countries just don’t get enough credit, and we want to change that. Once you’ve tried these four epic European dishes, it’s probably best to just try everything else on the menu…