Culinary guide to the far east

There are so many amazing things lying in wait in the Far East. One of the many wonderful aspects to take in along the way is new and delicious food. It might be time to learn all about the different food on offer as you take your tastebuds on the trip of a lifetime.

Xiaolongbao, Shanghai

It can often be tough to ignore the call of xiaolongbao. However, biting into one too soon can make it feel as though a volcano is erupting in your mouth. They are found all across the Far East, with many restaurants in Shanghai making some of the best across the continent. They are a type of Chinese steamed bun, and they are typically filled with soup – earning them the name soup dumpling, too.

Culinary guide to the far east

Eggplant and pork, Hong Kong

Have no fear; this dish is more than just meets the eye. The eggplant is deep-fried before it’s mixed together with minced pork. The entire dish is then covered with a tomato sauce and cooked together to ensure the flavors cover every part of the meal. It can be tough to find eggplant and pork outside of Hong Kong. Enjoying a dish on your trip can be one way to take in the entire area.

Jawain butter paratha, India

It can be easy to think that France is the home of bread, but that might all change once tasting jawain butter parathas in India. Move over naan bread, it’s time for paratha to take center stage. It’s crispy yet still great for dipping into all kinds of meals. This makes it great with a thick and creamy curry as well as being utterly delicious all on its own.

Egg tarts, Hong Kong

This might be simple, but enjoying an egg tart is something you can do at all times of the day. They are a delicacy across the Far East, but the ones made and sold in Hong Kong are different. Others are made with flaky puff pastry. The ones in Hong Kong? They feature thick, buttery shortcrust pastry instead. They are relatively cheap and can be found in bakeries across the region.

Culinary guide to the far east

Garlic Chicken, Seoul

If you love garlic, then be sure to try some garlic chicken on a trip to South Korea. Amazingly, there are so many types of fried chicken available across the country. However, garlic chicken is often a favorite thanks to the intense flavors that are captured in the meal.

Learn local manners

One important aspect of dining your way across the Far East is to make sure you learn all about the local cultures and expectations before your trip. Many countries believe that dining takes place in priority order, while many think nothing of making noise while they eat to show their appreciation to the chef. However, others prefer people to eat in silence, and tipping the restaurant isn’t always considered the best thing to do.

There are so many countries found all across the Far East. The best bit? They are filled with some of the most delicious meals you can imagine. As well as having so many new things to try, you might be surprised as you try to figure out how you ever coped without these delicacies in your life. Your taste buds just might thank you for the teat.