Dutch food that you need to know about

If you are heading to Holland, you are going to want to make sure you try some authentic Dutch food. You can really explore a country’s culture by eating local delicacies and sampling local beverages, and Holland is no exception. Here are some Dutch foods that you absolutely must try!


The Dutch love cheese, and it’s something that they are really good at. Be sure to try some Gouda, Vlaskaas, and Maasdam if you can. If you are a big cheese lover, pop to a market or shop and ask to do a little cheese tasting of the local makes so that you can compare.

Dutch food that you need to know about


A deliciously sweet treat, Stroopwafels are thin waffles, with sweet caramel-type syrup inside to stick the two together. Popular in cafes or street markets, you will often see locals putting them on top of their hot drinks to soften them up – delicious!

Raw herring

A bit of an odd one, but worth a taste for sure! You can get a herring sandwich (or broodje haring), along with pickles and onions from one of the many herring carts you will find on the streets, and this is a great way to give it a try.


This dense and stodgy ginger cake loaf is delicious with a smear of butter on it, and although the name directly translates to ‘breakfast cake’ (and who doesn’t want to eat cake for breakfast?!) the Dutch eat it any time of the day and you should, too. It’s a hefty cake, so you won’t be able to eat much, but it’s a fantastic stomach filler!

Dutch fries

These are so much more than the regular fries you are used to. You’ll see them called patat or frites and they are particularly thick fries served in a paper cone. What really makes them unique though, are the toppings. Mayonnaise is a popular topping, but often with other options too, such as peanut satay sauce and onions (known as patatje oorlog) or with onions and curry ketchup to make the classic patat speciaal.

Dutch food that you need to know about


If you thought meatballs couldn’t get any better, try them deep-fried! Available in most bars, Bitterballen are delicious, crispy, deep-fried meatballs, which are dipped in mustard. They’re a typical bar snack, and do a pretty good job of soaking up the drinks.


Although translated this means’ oil balls’, they are a lot tastier than they sound! A little like deep fried donuts, these are a seasonal treat around December time. You can get them dusted in sugar, or with bits of fruit inside, and they are a tasty snack – but not at all healthy.


It sounds like the noise an alien might make, but it’s actually a very delicious hearty, winter soup, featuring pork, split peas, onions, celery, and leeks. Grab a bowl from a street vendor after skating on the canals in winter for an authentic Dutch experience.


The Dutch love fish, and Kibbeling is a popular choice for a market or truck option. These are battered and deep-fried bites, usually containing cod or another white fish. Enjoy with a herby mayonnaise sauce (because the Dutch really love mayonnaise, too!) and a slice of lemon.

So, while you tiptoe through the tulips, or wander around the windmills, keep your energy up and your stomach full with these delicious Dutch delicacies.