How to have the best time in Las Vegas

Whether you’ve been to Las Vegas several times or you’re ready to check it out for the first time, you’re sure to have a blast…especially when you bring your best friends! As you start making plans on where to go and what to see in Sin City, check out some tips that will help you make the most of your time there.

Look for discounts on hotels

Vegas is not known for being cheap, except when it comes to the hotels! After all, there are so many places to stay that the competition is fierce, leading most hotels to offer some amazing deals. So instead of spending all your cash on a room where you won’t be spending much time in anyway, look for deals on hotels in Vegas. Check discount travel sites that offer cheap rooms, and consider getting a package deal that combines your airfare, rental car, hotel, and other necessities. With many package deals, your hotel room will be practically free, especially on the weekdays since those nights are cheap to begin with.

How to have the best time in Las Vegas

See if you can get an upgrade

Once you’ve found a decent hotel where you can stay with your friends without breaking the bank, it’s time to push the envelope a little and see if you can get an upgrade! You never know; maybe you can turn your basic room into a suite with a little persuasion at the front desk. As you’re checking in, just hand over a tip and ask if it’s possible to get an upgrade. If the hotel isn’t at capacity – which it often isn’t during the week – you might luck out and get an upgraded room. This is especially likely if you mention it’s a special occasion, like a birthday or bachelorette party. The worst that could happen is they say no and you just stick to the room you originally reserved, and have a blast with your friends anyway!

Don’t just explore the Strip

The Strip is where most of the popular clubs, casinos, high-end stores, and shows are. However, it’s also where you’re going to part with most of your money in Vegas! Whether you want a big frozen drink to walk around the Strip with or just need a bottle of water, you’re going to pay double or triple what you would pay anywhere else. So take a break from the Strip once in a while and head elsewhere. A great place to check out with friends is downtown around Fremont Street, which is where all the older hotels, casinos, and bars are. This area is just as well-known as the Strip, as it’s been featured in several movies throughout the 1900s and was basically the original gambling center of the city. When you hang out downtown, you can gamble, people watch, eat, and more, just like you would on the Strip—but often for much cheaper!

Don’t try to walk the whole time

Las Vegas is bigger and hotter than you might assume, so walking from one end of the Strip to another is not usually a good idea. Instead, take advantage of public transportation, such as the Deuce bus. This goes along the Strip as well as to downtown Las Vegas. You can get an unlimited pass that lets you hop on and off all day, making it easy to stop by casinos, hotels, and restaurants—all without breaking out your walking shoes!

How to have the best time in Las Vegas

Know when to go

If you want the best deals and don’t want to feel too crowded in Vegas, go during the slow season. This tends to be during the late summer – when it’s hotter than most people want to deal with – and around the winter holidays. Going during this time will save you money and help you see as many attractions as possible due to shorter lines and less crowding overall. That means you’ll have a better shot at getting that restaurant reservation or getting into the hottest club on the Strip! Just make sure you reserve a hotel with a great pool to relax in if you go in the summer.

With a little planning, you can have the best time ever! That means simply knowing when and where to go, and looking out for deals like the ones mentioned here.