Great things to see in India

If you love your vacations to be rich in culture and beauty, there are few places better suited than India. The sights and experiences in this country will engage all of your senses and have you feeling experientially intoxicated. Historic architecture and awe-inspiring temples, unique festivals and cultural experiences, this country ticks all the boxes for an amazing vacation. Unlike any other place in the world, the sights of India should be on the top of everyone’s list.

Ranakpur Jain Temple

Built in the 15th century, this temple is among the most beautifully and intricately designed in India. Featuring more than 1,400 uniquely detailed pillars, the captivating facade of Ranakpur Jain is breathtaking. It is not as well known as many other temples in India, so you should be able to visit without hordes of tourists (perfect for the experience itself, but also as the perfect photo backdrop).

Great things to see in India

Beach escape

India has over 4,500 miles of shoreline and some of the country’s best beaches can be found in Goa. Palolem Beach is among the most beautiful, but also the most popular. If exclusion is more your oceanfront style, there are more secluded beaches, too. Gokarna is a smaller and less commercialized beach, but still provides everything you need for a relaxing day by the ocean. On Agonda Beach you can stay in a hut on the sand and experience true serenity.

Change of scenery

Tired of beaches (as if that’s possible)? If you’re just looking for a change of scenery or a new experience, the Indian Himalayas offer an ideal option. The snow-capped mountaintops provide a stunning departure from crashing waves, and with numerous paths winding throughout, finding the perfect vantage point is just a trek away. Stop along the way to explore the small communities and experience new cultures.

Railway adventures

Throughout India there are numerous opportunities to take a train ride. With the widely varied landscapes, you will have gorgeous vistas to look at whichever part of the country you ride across. Whether crossing the desert or winding through mountains, a train provides more than a mode of transportation, it is an experience all its own.


An experience in Hindu and Indian culture, this temple provides a breathtaking setting for cultural journeys. The path leading up to the front of the temple is flanked with manicured gardens and includes a fountain. The grandness of the architecture is complemented by the peaceful energy within the walls. You can also view light and water shows at this temple.

Explore ancient ruins

The city of Orchha, established in the early 1500s, enjoyed a thriving period of time when it was an important urban area of India. Since abandoned, the city is now a snapshot of a time long passed and offers a surreal experience for travelers. The beauty of the architecture has only been enhanced by the many years it has been uninhabited. With an entire city to explore, you will want to carve out plenty of time to take it all in.

Great things to see in India

Festivals galore

India’s culture and heritage are on full and glorious display everywhere you look, but its many festivals are, perhaps, the most fun way to experience it all. Witness vibrant explosions of colorful powder during Holi, also known as the Festival of Colors, and marvel as the festival goers get painted by the falling dust. Diwali, a festival of lights, takes place over a few days and represents the triumph of good over evil. The celebration for this holiday involves lighting clay lamps and candles, and the little flames flickering throughout India are a spectacular sight. The Ganesh Festival, Navaratri, and Govinda are also amazing options and each one provides unique insight into the culture and fun experiences.

India’s unique cultural and natural landscapes provide an otherworldly adventure. Its seemingly endless, but beautifully unique temples and the widely varied scenery offer countless outlets for discovery. Whether looking for fun-filled adventures or peaceful escapes, India will satisfy everyone’s wish list.