Great tips for visiting Argentina

Don’t cry for me Argentina – but do come and visit, as it’s a fantastic place for a vacation. Popular with families and backpackers alike, this mixing pot of exciting cultures and adventure is undoubtedly worth a visit. Here are some top tips for your visit.

Money troubles

When you are shopping in Argentina, there are a few things to be aware of. For a start, the economy is very unstable, so be sure to check regularly to be sure you know what the exchange rate is. Also, card isn’t always accepted, so it is vital to carry cash with you as much as possible. When it comes to tipping, it’s not mandatory, but you should tip at least 10% in restaurants or bars.


Staying safe

Argentina is a fantastic place to visit, but you do have to have your wits about you and be very careful to keep safe. Most Argentines are really friendly, but like all places, there are some bad eggs. Counterfeit bills can often make their way back to you as there is a lot of corruption when it comes to money in the country. Watch out for buses on the road when you are a pedestrian as they are not known for being very careful around people (and some believe that they actually speed up!). Keep an eye on your belongings at all times, especially if you are in hot spots such as Buenos Aires, La Boca, and San Telmo. If you have any issues, the healthcare system in Argentina is reasonably good and free, so be sure to seek assistance if you do need it.

Great tips for visiting Argentina

There’s no need to rush

Argentines are all about late nights and late mornings – they’re certainly not fans of rushing around! So, unlike cities like New York, most things won’t be open at 6 am; it’s the perfect excuse for a lie in. When it comes to your evening meal, you might have to adjust your body clock a little as they tend to not even start until around 9 or 10 pm!

Eat meat

If you’re a vegetarian or vegan, you might want to skip this tip, but if you are a meat-eater, you absolutely must visit an asado (like a barbecue but better!). The steaks are bountiful and you will be surprised at the fantastic value.

Balance tourist spots with more hidden gems

As with all places, there will be the tourist-heavy must-sees; in Buenos Aires this includes Plaza de Mayo, La Casa Rosada, Caminito Street and Retiro Cemetery, for example. However, to really soak up as much as you can, be sure to do those things that are a little more off the beaten path – and outside of the guidebooks! – such as visiting the Palermo woods, or trawling the famous San Telmo Market. Why not check out the Mataderos Gaucho Market for something a little different?

Great tips for visiting Argentina

Avoid a protest

Particularly in Buenos Aires, there are often demonstrations which are known to get a little violent. Although it might sound like something to check out, it probably isn’t the best idea, so if you hear about a protest going on, steer clear and go to one of the other (numerous!) attractions instead.

The most important tip, of course, is to book your trip ASAP! Make the most of every opportunity and really soak it all up – you won’t regret it.