The happiest countries on earth

It seems as though everyone is on the pursuit of happiness, but how many people can truly say they are happy? Well, it’s often hard to judge. Everyone has their own idea of happiness, and the whole thing is rather subjective. However, that hasn’t stopped experts trying to quantify what it is, and even test which countries in the world are happiest. Each year, the World Happiness Reports uses various variables and factors to determine which places should play host to the highest dopamine levels, and these are the top 5 happiest countries on earth. From these results, it’s clear to see that Europe is the place to be…

The Netherlands

If you’ve ever been to the Netherlands, you’ll know that Dutch people are by some of the friendliest people you could ever come across. Thanks to this, and various other factors, they have come in at number five on the list of happiest countries in the world. It’s believed that the freedom they have in their country and their slow pace of life contributes to the smiles and the friendly faces that welcome you to the country.

The happiest countries on earth


Known as the “Land of Ice and Fire,” it may surprise you to find Iceland on this list. After all, the whole place is covered in ice and thermal springs, right? Well, a huge number of people actually live in this country, and it seems as though they all love where they live. Thanks to an impressive government and relaxed laws, the people who live in Iceland pay very little in terms of taxes, they have the benefit of free health care, and they live in beautiful surroundings. Why wouldn’t they be happy?


Norway has often taken the lead as the happiest country in the world, but in 2019, it stands as the third happiest country in the world.

The happiest countries on earth

Norway has constantly reigned supreme, and there are many reasons for this. Not only does it offer social support to all of its residents, but it also offers them a huge amount of freedom and minimal corruption. It’s also known for being incredibly diverse in terms of its landscape, and it seems as though the people who live here just can’t get enough.


When you think of Denmark, there’s a high chance that you think of Hygge.

The happiest countries on earth

It seems as though this interior design trend has made its way into the outside world because the people of this country are embracing this simplistic and gracious way of life – and it’s certainly paying off. This country offers one of the biggest life expectancies in the world, and the gap between the rich and the poor is smaller than most.


Taking the top spot as the happiest country in the world is Finland. This is the second time in a row, and the country seems very happy with their placement. One of the main reasons why the people of Finland are so happy is because they offer impressive freedom in terms of its laws and structure, and there is very little corruption within the country. Therefore, they are able to live and work as they please, and that works out just fine for everyone.

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