72 hours in the Big Easy

It almost seems like madness to only spend 72 hours somewhere as fascinating and vibrant as New Orleans. It’s a place of cultural significance, incredible music, and there’s no forgetting the food. So you have 72 hours, which isn’t much time in a place with so much to see and so much to do. So how do you make the most of the time you have?

Capturing the local culture

Safe to say you need to make your way around some of the more iconic places in New Orleans. We know that sounds tough, after all, where isn’t iconic? Head on down to the French Quarter, you know it’s one of the things you want to see, as it’s stunning and set right by the famous Mississippi river. Down in the French Quarter, you will find Royal Street. There, is the Court of the Two Sisters, which is known for its jazzy brunch. Visit the Cathedral-Basilica of Saint Louis, the oldest cathedral in America, and an impressive landmark.

72 hours in the Big Easy

The market and museum

New Orleans is a hub of creativity, so you couldn’t possibly miss out on the art market. It’s an evening market which makes it all the more magical, and you can peruse various creations by local artists and even take some pieces home. Otherwise, you could pick up a souvenir for yourself or someone back home. If you’re a lover of history, then you can go see the WWII museum, it’s not just any old museum, but the official national WWII museum. If you want to see the Second World War through the eyes of the U.S.A, then it’s a must-see.

Finding local food

Believe it or not, you’ve not even filled up your three-days worth of things to do. Many people would consider one of the top attractions of New Orleans to be the food, and they wouldn’t be wrong. It is world-famous for a reason, and that’s because it is absolutely phenomenal. If you’re not a massive fan of spices, that’s totally fine, there will be other options for you. However, it is a hub of cultural food specializing in so many different styles of cuisine. You can try traditional New Orleans food at ‘Kingfish’, enjoy classic Vietnamese dishes in Pho Tau Bay restaurant, or for a more Germanic feel, head to ‘Bratz Y’all! Bistro Bakery Biergarten’.

Living in the jazz

The evening entertainment will have you feeling things you’ve probably never felt before. The big easy is famous for its jazz music and easy-livin’ style. Whether you want to go to shake your stuff or sit with your favorite drink in hand and appreciate the moment, the choice is yours. You can head on down to Preservation Hall for some live jazz music.

72 hours in the Big Easy

A beautiful breakfast

On the morning of your final day, end on the perfect note and head on down to ‘Spitfire Coffee’. You will be spoilt for choice for where you can go for some breakfast, and we recommend making as much room for food as possible. Throw that diet out for three days and go wild, trying everything you can. If you want something a little more ‘greasy spoon’, then head down to Clover Grill. If you’ve been up enjoying all that jazz, you’re probably going to need it.

With only 72 hours to enjoy the Big Easy, it’s safe to say you’ll be planning your next visit as soon as you’ve left.